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HEPA filter

    • HEPA is Excellent filter to remove the floating dust particles which size of the over 0.3㎛ in the air like a house dust, mites, viruses etc.
    • Removing contaminants by strong electrostatic force of the special charging at the high performance fiber, makes high filter efficiency even with lower pressure loss.
    • Possible to make a natural anti-bacterial treatment with Ginkgo, catechins, chitosan at this filter and also can make anti-virus anti-allergens HEPA filter according to the needs of the consumer.
    • Han-Sae can make a one-piece filter by adding the deodorizing filter or medium filter.

Deodorizing filter

PELLET filling type deodorizing filter

    • This filter is filled with 1.3 ~ 4mm diameter activated carbon on honeycomb type frame.
    • This filter is useful to remove various odors and gases in the air.
    • The filter for air purifier machine have an excellent performance at ammonia, acetaldehyde, acetic acid gas removal.
    • Using catalyst impregnated on activated carbon, the selective gas removal is possible.
    • We can control deodorizing efficiency and pressure drop with sizing this carbon weight.

Colgate type deodorizing filter

    • The low-pressure drop filter using activated carbon paper with corrugated structure.
    • Low air flow resistance.
    • High adsorption performance can be obtained using the coconut-based activated carbon.
    • It is possible to manufacture a wide range of size, shape.
    • This filter could be made for specific gas removal purpose filter for such as ozone gas, acidic gases and alkaline gases.
    • Various filter frame are available such as aluminum, paper, polyurethane foam.

    Semiconductor factory Chemical Filter (FFU), copiers and printers, air purifiers filter, heat exchanger elements, industrial air purifier.

Sheet type deodorizing filter

    • This type deodorizing filter performance is lower than the honeycomb type, but lower filter pressure drop can be possible. the price is also affordable.
    • The Filter thickness is also very variable because using a non-woven fabric or PU as the main material.
    • Recommend to use in normal condition in the air purifier.

Medium filter

    • Mainly used to filtering particle size3 ~ 30㎛ dust in the air cleaner or air conditioner as a pre-filtration before HEPA filter.
    • We can produce general medium filter and antibacterial medium filter. Antibacterial fitler has more 99% of antibacterial activity against Escherichia coli or Staphylococcus aureus.
    • We can make also ginkgo (Ginkgo extract), nano-silver, catechins, chitosan treatment on this filter as client demand.


    • This Filter can make filtering relatively large dust(the particle size is more 50㎛).
    • Mainly used as pre-processing filter for air purifiers and air conditioning.
    • Generally manufactured using insert-molding, Wire Frame, etc., and it is the primary antimicrobial treatment serves to prevent penetration of various harmful substances, primarily.
    • We can make also nano-silver, catechins, chitosan, copper deposition treatment on this filter as client demand.

Filters for water purifier

Activated carbon filter cartridge (MOF) can remove effectively the residual chlorine, trihalomethyl methane, musty, such as trace amounts of other organic substances in the tap water using granular activated carbon.

  • Various Shape : The shape of the filter can be freely manufactured such as cylindrical, cylindrical.
  • Filter material formulation : According to the using conditions, we can freely formulate with ACF, granular activated carbon.
  • Antimicrobial activity treatment: We can give the addition of antimicrobial function using silver impregnated activated carbon.
  • Discharge resistance: using control the fiber length of the ACF, we can adjust discharge resistance.

Activated carbon for water purifier. (AC)

Using ACF and high-performance activated carbon as basic material, this Activated carbon can remove the basic color of wastewater, deodorize, be used refining general formula drinks, alcoholic beverages, industrial impurity and detoxification.

Humidifier Filters

  • Material : PET + RAYON
  • Excellent vaporization filter with high evaporation and marvelous sterilizing power using natural convection.
  • Optimum cleaning of the room humidity with the system to control the humidity by using the power of wind.
  • Applied system: Using the particles water in the air, more helpful to using for infants, toddlers and seniors than generally use.
Purpose to use.

Humidifier, Air purifier

Cabin vehicle filter

  • Filter Material : Polypropylene + Polyester
  • Air filters that purify the various dust generated during vehicle operation.

HAN-SAE Cleaner

Non-woven cleaning cloths (Product name : Hansae-Cleaner)

  • HAN-SAE Cleaner is a product for specially cleaning the water purifiers, air purifiers and bidet with same type with wet-tissue. We have products such as dry cleaners, wet cleaners, toilet cleaners.
    • Dry type HAN-SAE Cleaner : Excellent performance in good clean finish of moisture remaining products with viscose fiber which have.
    • Wet type HAN-SAE Cleaner : Melt Blown Fiber are used basic material which produced by special technique,. This have good adsorption properties the oil mist and also have excellent properties for removal of buried contaminants with this high the surface resistivity.
    • In this cleaner, there is no formaldehyde, fluorescent bleach, alcohol dyes, chemicals dye.
    • Wet type and Dry type HAN-SAE Cleaner have excellent cleaning ability using sanitary state-of-the-art method is excellent.
    • For home and office using, this pleaner is packed as wet-tissue type. There are also composed of electrostatic cleaning cloths, wet-type cleaning cloths, cleaning-bar.

Han-SAE R&D Center

In Hansae R&D Center holds the power to pilot test equipment and that is all followed as the standards of CA Korea Air Purifier Association. Therefore, we can test all specification as customer needs, and also we maintain ongoing research and development to meet customer needs.


2㎥Chamber, 4㎥ Chamber, 8㎥ Chamber, 30㎥ Chamber, Air Velocity test, Formaldehyde Meter etc.

  • 실험실 - 2㎥챔버
  • 2㎥Chamber
  • 실험실 - 4㎥챔버
  • 4㎥ Chamber
  • 실험실 - 8㎥챔버
  • 8㎥ Chamber
  • 실험실 - 30㎥챔버
  • 30㎥ Chamber
  • 실험실 - 풍동기
  • Air Velocity test